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Q: How do I recruit heroes? What do heroes do?

A: Once a player clears the second instance in Episode 1 of the main story at level 6, they can recruit their first hero, Guardian, at the Royal Altar. You can recruit heroes of the races that correspond to each altar. Each hero has specific characteristics in battle. Heroes can be upgraded to unlock innate of passive skills. By leveling up or enhancing heroes, you can improve their attributes. Heroes also have race suppression characteristics.


Q: Can heroes be made stronger?

A: Players can use EXP potions to increase their heroes' levels. They can also change a hero's equipment, or use hero shards to enhance their heroes. Leveling up, upgrading and enhancing heroes all bring attribute bonuses, and unlock further innate or special passive skills.


Q: How do I get items to level up, upgrade or enhance a hero?

A: Players can get EXP potions through the main story instances and elite instances. A hero needs to be wearing a certain grade of equipment before it can be upgraded. Equipment crafting materials can be obtained through main story instances and elite instances. The hero shards required for enhancing can be obtained by clearing elite instances or event quests.