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Q: What are the different gear qualities?

A: Gear has six qualities: Common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. The higher the quality, the better the attribute bonuses. And the appearance will look even better.


Q: How do I boost gear?

A: Boosting gear requires Boost Stones and Advanced Boost Stones. Both types of stones can be obtained in the Tower of Eternity.


Q: How do I upgrade gear?

A: All of your gear must be boosted to level 10 before you can upgrade it. The materials required for upgrading gear can be obtained in the Trial Hall. The higher the grade, the more is unlocked and the better the appearance.


Q: How do I inlay gems in gear?

A: Each item of gear has a inlay sockets. If you want to increase the number of inlay sockets, you need to use Adamantine Drills. Adamantine Drills can be obtained through events or at the Shop. Gems inlayed in gear can be divided into four types: ATK, MAX HP, PDEF, and MDEF. Gems can be obtained in the Tower of Eternity. Low-level gems can be crafted into higher level gems. Higher level gems will improve the attributes more. Each item of gear can only be inlayed with gems of one attribute.